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While India is a superb software production center, digital literacy is concentrated mainly in the urban centers. Most of the rural places, where two-thirds of the population reside, digital literacy is almost zero and very few training resources are available to the local students. We can reduce this "digital divide" by making available the necessary hardware and software in the rural areas. We are trying to achieve this by setting up computer centers in smaller towns and rural areas.

For those high school students who go for higher education in colleges, a computer-trained background provides a confident platform to leap into the realm where search for knowledge through libraries around the world never stops.

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Pali (coming) Kolkata (coming)

Dhirendra Mohan Sarkar Institute

Dhulai is a village surrounded by villages which do not offer any computer education in high schools or in any privately-funded learning places. The nearest town that offers any of the sort is 2 hours away by bus. So, the computer learning facility in Dhulai serves as the epicenter of high-tech opportunity for at least three area high schools - Dhulai Ramkumar Mrinmoyee Vidyamandir, Dhulai Girls High School and Palasdanga Higher Secondary School.

The Center is housed in a building built by the foundation on a donated piece of land - courtesy of Msrs. Prasenjit Banerjee, Sanjoy Mondal and Saroj Mondal. The class hours have been designed to facilitate the high school students to attend the Center after-hours.

The sponsor for the project is Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar who dedicated the Center in memory of his late father Dhirendra Mohan Sarkar at inauguration on November 8th, 2007. The Bardhaman newspaper SANBAAD reported, "Lily Foundation came forward to help the ditressed and the disadvantaged children."

Students trained annually 118
Computers 6
New school inaugiuration at DMS Institute Computer class students engaged

Jagadish Chandra High School Lily Foundation Computer Center

Lily Foundation and Jagadish Chandra High School have joined hands in planning the Center in early 2003 in Ghatsila. This town in Jharkhand does not enjoy all opportunities that a city usually offers. Thus for a community where home computers and PCs are still a dream, availability of such opportunities is almost heaven-sent.

The Computer Center originally sponsored by Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar started operating since February 6th, 2004. In the inauguration ceremony addressing the students, the presiding chairman Dr. Vivek Sadashib, Principal of Ghatsila College, said, "Aspirations abound, one can become Kalpana Chowla yet again" - quotes Danik Jagaran. The center is now under school managent.

Students trained annually 1008
Computers 17
School Secretary Shanti Thakur addressing at inauguration, Prof. Sadashib on left Students meet teachers and Lily Foundation officials at informal talk-together

Kuntala Bagchi Smriti Chinha Center at Hijaldiha Vivekananda Seva Samity

Bordering tri-states (Bankura, Hoogly and Paschim Medinipur) the hamlet of Hijaldiha is positioned at the north-east corner of Bankura - a district that is famous for its cultural history of temple architectures. Four hours by car from Kolkata through Arambagh, Vivekananda Seva Samity facility of Hijaldiha with its vast expanse of green fields is accessible by road, although dicey at times. The 3-story school building with a playfield in the front and a farm of potato and vegetables in the back attracts visitors instantly. A Ramakrishna place of worship adores the landscape.

The facility caters to the diverse needs of surrounding High Schools and locale that have come to love this symbol of selfless sacrifice. A primary school, a water-testing facility, medical transport, a primary care clinic and eye testing center, vocational center and a student residency are among the range of services given to the community.

With Lily Foundation support, the Samity established a High School Coaching Center, a book bank, a monitor center for the cluster of scholarship students living in the neighboring villages, and now a computer center. Mr. Nilendu Bagchi, the sponsor for the computer center, dedicated it in the name of his late wife Kuntala Bagchi in January 2011.

Students trained annually 50
Computers 8
Computer Center students listens to Lily official At the entrance of the center

Rabindranath Pal Institute

Barely 45 minutes away from the heart of the metropolis, yet appearing a remote place on earth where the light of high tech civilization has not reached the aspiring youth group, Sarada Ramakrishna Ashram has been dedicating all their resources to the benefit of local girls by providing opportunities of schooling, learning handicraft works and job-oriented trade training. Lily Foundation chose the organization and facility of this outfit as the ideal platform to promote women's education.

With the sponsorship of Dr. Mila Pal and Mr. Gopal Pal, the computer learning center started its operation on February 10th, 2007 in memory of late brother Rabindranath Pal.

Students trained annually 44
Computers 7
At the lab One-day job search training

Bibekananda Computer Kendra

Dimna Hills range almost overlooks the village of Amdanga in Bankura. Savar tribe living on the edge of the range probably contributed to calling the area Jangalmahal. Swami Vivekananda's dream was to lift up the tribes who had been the country's one of the oldest natives long downtrodden but known for their valor that made them popular for the kings' and the zamindars' fighter corps.

Yugacharya Vivekananda Seva Samity at Amdanga focus their effort to give Swamiji's dream a shape. The tribal boys and girls find a caring home at the YVSS ashram. The computer learning center will teach and train not only the resident boys and girls, but also the students from the neighboring schools in Kesikocha, Bikrampur and Simlapal.

Mr. Banaj Kamal Basu and Mrs. Anjana basu are the proud sponsors of this center, who dedicated it in memory of their mothers. The center was inaugurated 28th May 2013 and started its operation on 3rd June.

Students trained annually 100 est
Computers 6
Swami Nirantarananda ji maharaj inaugurated On the inauguration day

Vidyasagar centre for Computer Education

Subarnarekha flows by the Kulbani village on the north. The backdrop of serenity inspires the girls and the boys of Kulbani High School to be peace-loving and meditating on their studies. The school complex with its two-storey building, plyafields, dormitory and the green reserves is perectly in tune with the lanscape and the need of the community.

One hour by car from Kharagpur Rly Station (or from Jhargram Station) Kulbani is located in the western part of the district of Paschim Medinipur in West Bengal. Sponsors Mr. Banaj Kamal Basu and Mrs. Anjana Basu loved the place at first sight. December 8th, 2009 marked the beginning of operation.

Students trained annually 100
Computers 8
Students line up for a show At the entrance of the center
Vocational Centers
While a small percentage of the high school graduates opt for college education, the majority look for earning money not only to help the parents' family but to save some in order to fulfil their own dream of having a family. India is a fast-paced growing economy needing skilled technicians to combat the demand of tech-driven jobs in addition to that of traditional infra-structure development and maintenance.

Concerned about their own growth in sync with the economic progress of the country, India's industry shows initiatives in support of those enterprises that would actively address easing of any future shortfall. Lily Foundation at opportunity joins hand with the industry under their CSR programs.

Dhulai DMS Center
Dhulai DMS Center was inaugurated in December 2013. Andrew Yule Company is the sponsor.

Mobile Phone Repair vocation has become instantly popular among the students. The electronics as well as the driving software inside are the subjects of learning in the course.

India's population love mobile phones. The growth across the country is perhaps the fastest in the world.

Students trained annually 30
Labs 1
Students at inauguration Inauguration speech
Narrah Vocational Center
Narrah Center is located in a small town not too far from Bankura district town. Lily Foundation is already a familiar name in Narrah because of its Sanchari AALO center and a cluster of SMILE scholarship students.

Boys and girls of Sanchari often do not know what they would do after finishing high school. Particularly the girls who have less mobility than the boys are seen as liability at home, even after their high school graduation. For those who can afford to go to college, it is a little different scenario. But, they are in minority. Mrs. Keya Mukherjee tries to find an answer to the problem of girls' future in a different light. Once a girl becomes an earning member supplementing the family income she is reckoned a voice.

With Mrs. Mukherjee's sponsorship, the center provides training in tailoring.

Students trained annually 10
Labs 1
Thakurpukur Vocational Center
Thakurpur town lies on the rim of Kolkata metroplex, yet it is vibrant because of extension of city facilities into its heart. General population are small business or farm-oriented.

Andrew Yule Company came forward to help the youth folks of average to low-income families with opportunities of hands-on training in high-skill technician jobs. Lily Foundation administers the programs.

Three different trades are taught - Electrician and Appliance repair, Mobile Phone repair and Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

Students trained annually 118
Labs 3
In lab - appliance repair In lab - house wiring
Bookbanks are libraries where students can borrow textbooks and other helping books on a long term basis. Often it is for the full academic session the students get their text books. The benefit is enormous for the poor boys and girls who cannot afford the high cost of books. Lily Foundation has opened centers where its own coaching homes are established and there is a cluster of SMILE scholars.
Bandel center serves AALO High School Coaching Home students. The computer that tracks the books and the borrowers is also used for hands-on familiarity of the interested students. Dhulai center located in the DMS Institute serves AALO High School Coaching Homes in Dhulai as well as in Narrah. The computer center students and the large cluster of SMILE students and other school students equally benefit from this opportunity. Hijaldiha center at Vivekananda Seva Samity located in the Lily Foundation's computer center office serves AALO High School Caoching Home, the computer center, SMILE students and the local school students.
Students benefited annually 50
Books 429
Students benefited annually 587
Books 610
Students benefited annually 50
Books 146
** Last updated: 09 July 2014
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