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In India, millions of young kids are unable to attend even the basic elementary schools - not because the schools are not available within their reach, but because the parents are so busy earning bread for the family that they don't have time to see if the kids are to attend free government schools. Or, the parents feel helpless even if they know the kid doesn't have a shirt to wear to school for study or sports. This story is so common in villages or in the slums of big cities that no one has to make any special effort at all to find these kids. Lily Foundation targets these children and imparts a basic minimum education to them. While the mother may be hawking vegetables on the curbside since very early morning (or truely, late night), the Lily Foundation Homes take care of her kid in a Study Home or a Primary Coaching Home.

In high schools, many grown-up boys and girls strive for graduation (earlier, called Matriculation), which is not easy to achieve if the student comes from a home where parents didn't have time, ability or a chance to watch their ward's studies or couldn't afford to engage a private tutor to assist in one or two weak subjects. The result often is that the student fails to acquire the minimum academic qualification to find a job. To help these borderline students, High School Coaching Homes have been established where Grade IX and X students get free coaching in the critical subjects. Additionally, the students get training in some skill-building excercises.

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