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Constitution documents Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution


Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures have been approved by the Lily Board of Directors as well as the attending members in a meeting in 2003. The approval signatures are on file.

Procedures do evolve as we progress. Decisions from meetings are recorded in meeting minutes which automatically have precedence over the procedures listed here. In such cases the procedures would be eventually modified to reflect the current status and placed on the web for viewing.

The policies, however, do not change without a majority decision in a meeting which has been especially called for this express purpose inviting all members to attend.


Education addresses Scholarship and schools
Homeless feeding addresses feeding lunch to the needy people
HealthCare addresses individuals' critical need of medical treatment or surgical operation
Disaster Relief addresses relief for natural disaster victims


Scholarships addresses how to consider candidates for awarding SMILE scholarships
Schools addresses how to characterize and support schools
Special Initiatives addresses how to consider support for special initiatives

Lily India Standard Practices

Scholarship addresses summary requirements
Study Home addresses features and requirements
Coaching Home addresses features and requirements
Office Decor Standard addresses office facility restrictions
RASTA addresses teaching staff's eligibility and allowance calculation



India Travel Report Apr 2011 Balurghat Primary Coaching Home visit by B Chatterjee Mar-Apr 2011
India Travel Report Jul 2010 Behala Study Home visit by Rishi Bandyopadhyay July 2010
Annual Report 2010 Annual Report 2010
Lahiry Trip Report January 2009 Akra Study Home visit by Lahirys January 2009
Zurn Trip Report February 2009 Behala Study Home visit by Zurns February 2009
Bidyadharpur Trip Report August 2008 Bidyadharpur visit by Subir Mitra August 2008
Hotar Trip Report June 2008 Hotar visit by Ms. Keya Mukherjee June 2008
Narrah Dhulai Trip Report June 2008 Narrah Dhulai visit by team June 2008
Balurghat Trip Report June 2008 Balurghat visit by Subir Mitra June 2008
Sample Inspection Report, March 2008 Inspection Report by Supriya Bose March 2008
Karnataka SMILE Students' Conference Report, March 2008 Conference Report by Dr. Kulkarni March 2008
Bankura-Hoogly-Medinipur Trip Jan 2007 Bankura-Hoogly-Medinipur Trip Report by US-India team Jan 2007


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