In case of a disaster of catastrophic nature, happening anywhere in the world, Lily Foundation makes a fast-response effort by making a donation to an organization which is committed to doing the relief works in-country or overseeing such effort made by another unblemished and renowned grass-roots organization. The Foundation collects individual donations which usually take time.

Pakistan flood 2010 was in the grip of a catastrophe, never witnessed in decades. Millions were homeless. Lily Foundation following its legacy helped the neighbor in distress. Gift was sent to CARE, who did the relief work themselves in the field.

Bihar Flood 2008 took thousands of lives. Due to Koshi river embankment burst 3 million people became homeless and 300 thousand people became stranded. Indian Army, Navy and Air Force worked for a massive relief operation in history. Lily Foundation contributed generously to Red Cross/ Red Crescent in India.

Great Tsunami of December 2004 took 200,000 lives overall across Asia. Lily Foundation contributed generously to CARE through IANT, Dallas.

Assam flood victims and Bangladesh flood victims in 2004 were helped.

Bangladesh Cold Front of 2002-2003 took many lives of the poor people who could not afford clothings and shelter. Lily Foundation in collaboration with HRCBM distributed blankets, clothes and sweaters to the disadvantaged families.

India Earthquake of 2001 was one of the worst natural disasters in the recent memory. Money was donated to this great cause.

Unity USA fund 2001 was established to collect donations for the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC. Money was donated to this cause.

Appeal: Your contribution of any amount for the cause is welcome. The gift can be specially designated for your chosen purpose. Send to Lily Foundation, P. O. Box 59824, Dallas, TX 75229.

Last updated 17-June-11

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