Program Highlights

Next homeless feeding event is scheduled for November (Thanksgiving) at Union Gospel Mission, Fort Worth. You are most welcome to join the fun.

The Mother's Day and the Thanksgivimg Day we celebrate in fun cooking and feeding homeless people. There are usually about 200-250 guests, who enjoy the food immensely. All menu items become instant super-hit.

Volunteers for the events usually are many.

List of Volunteers on the 10th May (Mother's Day) 2015 FTN :

Ishana Banerje

Shaina Banerje

Santanu Banerje

Dolly Basu

Kalyan Basu

Arijit Bhattacharjee

Sarita Bhattacharjee

Sauradeep Bhattacharjee

Aheli Bose

Ranjan Bose

Alec Chatterjee

Basab Chatterjee

Deepanjana Chatterjee

Rima Chatterjee

Serge Chatterjee

Anirudh Maitra

Shakar Mirza

Amal Mukherjee

Smarajit Pramanick

Tara Sen Pramanick

Arman Razaali

Laila Razaali

Bhaskar Sarkar

Diya Sarkar

Maya Sarkar

Prasad Sarkar

Subhasish Sarkar

Tapati Sarkar

Titas Sarker

Jyotishka Sen

Krishna Srivastava

Vijay Srivastava

Mohammed Veerjee

Zarafsheen Veerjee

Feed-the-Needy is a well-established heritage program since 1992 where delicious Indian lunch is cooked on the spot and served to the homeless people.

The participants are families who, while wearing their program shirts, become chefs. Tasty recipes, like Italian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Vege-Sausage and Rice or pasta, are prepared with raw ingredients and lots of goodwill. The chefs then turn into hosts, all standing and serving the folks hot freshly cooked food with salad.

The event is held twice a year - in Spring on the Mother's day, and in the Fall for Thanksgiving. The Gospel residents and street residents all enjoy the food with multiple rounds. The UGM Leaders always appreciate the team for the excellent treats to the homeless.

We feel proud to be associated with UGM which is an example of dedication to the human cause.

Coming attraction

The next regularly scheduled luncheon will be served at UGM, Fort Worth in November (watch for the date ) 2015. Don't miss the group-cooking fun. Call if you want to volunteer.

The Mission (UGM) at 1321 and 1331 E. Lancester Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76102 is located on Highway 80, near the I-30 and I-35W mixmaster.Ring Bell and say you are from Lily to open the parking lot gate.

Your participation and donation will be most welcome. For details, contact Prasad Sarkar (817) 294-5536 in Fort Worth, or Basab Chatterjee (972) 747-9191/ Amal Mukherjee (214) 351-1231/ Anirudha Maitra (972) 649-6535/ Tuhin Chatterjee (214) 566-5363 in Dallas. Individual sponsorship of one such event can be arranged for a modest $500.

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