If you have decided to support us by monetary help, then you have the following alternative methods to choose from:

1. Write a Check in the name of Lily Foundation, and mail to: Lily Foundation, PO Box 59824, Dallas, TX 75229

2. Bank transfer. One World Bank, 2449 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75229, Rounting\Number: 111025123, Account Number: 2001063

3. Donate through Paypal. On the Home page click "Donate" on the top left.


The areas where your efforts are welcome are:

organize fundraising events, web design and maintenance, newsletter design and distribution, mailing and (in India) teaching & inspection.

If you have kitchen skill, you may join us at homeless feeding.

We can accomodate your availability and expertise in various ways. Just give us a call - prasad 817-294-5536; Amal 214-351-1231; Basab 972-747-9191


All donations are Tax-exempt. Lily Foundation is an IRS Code 501(c)(3) organization with Employer ID 75-2900313.

The Education areas where your donations are welcome are:

Sponsorship of Homes, Scholarship, Computer centers, Bookbanks and Vocational Centers

To make a pledge, click Gift Card


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This page is current as of 31-July-2014. Call for the latest.