Biplab Adhikary

Mr. Biplab Adhikary has been associated with the foundation from its early days. He demonstrates a successful organizing spirit. Compassionate as he is, it is no wonder that more and more parents are interested to send their kids to attend his schools. Mr. Adhikary wants to see the foundation grow big so that there can be more schools in the area to help the backward tribes and the prior refugees.

Sadhana Agarwal

Ms. Sadhana Agarwal comes from a famous business house in Kolkata. Her leadership role as Rotary Chairperson is marked with achievements. Her passion is to lift the poor through support in education. Her zeal is amply demonstrated by her successful efforts in attracting other sponsors. Outside the serious world, she enjoys selling icecream - particularly her own brand Rollick.

Arpita Banerjee

Before joining Lily Foundation Ms. Banerjee had been an active member in a charitable organization engaged in educating the slum neighborhood children along the railway tracks. She is very personable who can effectively communicate with the deprived and disadvantaged in poor neighborhoods. With her prior experience, she wants to be a leading volunteer in Lily Foundation. Ms. Banerjee wishes to see the foundation grow bigger.

Prasenjit Banerjee

Mr. Prosenjit Banerjee is a young enthusiast who wants to help the local poor high school kids, weak in some key subjects, by coaching those selected subjects. These students perhaps would not graduate without his help, since they cannot afford any private tuition. Mr. Banerjee wants to see the foundation grow to the point when it can support many coaching homes like his in his district.

Sharmila Basu

Ms. Sharmila Basu has started the first study home for the foundation. Her motivation remains very strong toward fulfilling the goals of the foundation. She enjoys stepping outside her own area of work to help in any charity project Lily Foundation wants to venture in. "There is nothing better than helping the poor and needy. Their smile gives a lot of satisfaction to my holy work. I hope the Lily Foundation speads across all part of the world and goes on doing the work that it has currently undertaken"

Mr. Supriya Bose

Supriya Bose has been asscociated with the foundation from the beginning. He started one of the two earliest study homes. His motivation to serve the destitute in his own neighborhood has given rise to a second study home. His planning for the school curriculum will go into the foundation's basic course standards in development. Mr. Bose wants to see the foundation's financial strength grow enough to provide the school kids better food and some healthcare.

Basab Chatterjee

Dr. Basab Chatterjee brings to the foundation a lot of energy and motivation. Professionally, he is responsible for developing future technologies in a large leading-edge technology establishment. His professional accomplishments include several publications and patents. He loves to do gardening in his leisure time. His hobbies are travelling, photography and music. In Lily Foundation, Dr. Chatterjee has never been shy of accepting challenges. He certainly holds the promise of being a source of inspiration to all our young volunteers.

Sandhyamalati Chatterjee

Retired from West Bengal Govt. Social Welfare Department as Deputy Director Ms. Sandhyamalati Chatterjee brings to the foundation a lot of experience - both bureaucratic and motivational. Professionally, she had been responsible at different times for women's welfare, child welfare, old and infirm welfare and handicapped welfare. She organized training program and awareness camps for many vulnerable groups. Ms. Chatterjee's undying energy keeps the India Team motivating all the time.

Arup Choudhury

Ms. Arup (Bapin) Choudhury is completely dedicated to making the J. C. High School students computer-literate. From scratch he built the computer lab in the school-building with all facilities. Because of his consistent efforts in planning and implementation the Lily Foundation Computer Center is now a well-established name not only in Ghatsila, but in the nearby towns as well. By academic qualification, Bapin is a commerce graduate.

Runa Chowdhury

Ms. Runa Chowdhury is an enthusiastic housewife who opened a study home for the deprived children in a needy neighborhood. Her prior work-experience in a book-publishing company and private teaching gave her the opportunity of close association with a world of books and studies. Ms. Chowdhury's hobby is travelling. Although AALO-5 is her first study home, she wants to deliver the best education to the kids so that more and more come and join the school on their own. Ms. Chowdhury wants to see Lily Foundation help her project through successful future years.

Anirudh Maitra

Mr. Anirudh Maitra has been an active member for many years in a renowned charitable organization engaged in helping the poor in India besides his association with Lily Foundation. An engineer by academic qualification and Program Manager by profession, he loves to work in India-centric NGOs as hobbies. Mr. Maitra wants to see Lily Foundation used as a vehicle by the global Bengalee community for helping people both in and out of Bengal.

Smita Majumdar

Ms. Smita Majumdar has started as the home room teacher for the Behala school. Her motivation remains very strong toward fulfilling the goals of the foundation. "I honestly and sincerely try my level best to teach these little children of our school overcoming the many obstacles and hindrances that come in our way every now and then. I hope that through our efforts this organization grows bigger and efficiently serves the society in a much bigger way in the forthcoming days."

Subir Mitra

Mr. Subir Mitra is a young energetic person in charge of directing the India operations in the field. Besides being a post-graduate with a bright academic background he is an excellent writer and a thinker with introspection. He believes that transparency & credibility are the two pillars of success for any social organization - more so perhaps for a charitable organization. Therefore, he is die-hard on ensuring that the foundation never steps into any kind of indiscipline where her credibility comes under question. Watching cricket matches on television and listening to old Bengali and Hindi songs are his favorites. Mr. Mitra possesses the firm conviction that The Lily Foundation one day will occupy a prime position in the social services' network of India.

Sarmila Mondal

Ms. Sarmila Mondal had been an active member in a charitable organization engaged in educating the slum neighborhood children along the railway tracks. She is very personable who can easily build a communication link with the disadvantaged families. "I want to identify the kids who either have dropped-out or haven't seen the face of a school ever. I want to take them to place where I can teach them, and at the end of the year, admit them into state-run schools." Ms. Mondal wants Lily Foundation to do more in the area of health check-up, training of the workers in community development and adult-literacy education.

Rakhi Mukerji

Ms. Rakhi Mukerji has been an active member in the foundation for long time, who can boast about bringing in many prospective donors. Her practical advices have always proved to be very effective in planning. Rightfully, she is holding the position of Advisor in the India Governing Body.

Amal Mukherjee

Dr. Amal Mukherjee has been a co-founder of the organization for which he had helped establishing a firm base. He also holds the distinction of being one of the early presidents of India Association of North Texas. A business-owner himself, Amal spends a considerable time in community affairs providing leadership as well as hands-on help. He is an ardent lover of western and Indian classical music and fine arts. Watching sport events and travelling are his other hobbies. His association with the foundation contributes significantly to the growth of the foundation. He wants to see the foundation spreading literacy among the needy people.

Kalyan Mukherjee

Currently retired, Mr. Kalyan Mukherjee had been a career-manager in large still mills. With both national and international training and expertise, he is a recognised problem-solver who bags many success-stories. He is an avid reader of Bengali and English books. He also loves gardening. In addition to his own garden, he keeps the open public space near his house equally baeutiful by planting seasonal and perinneal flowers. At Lily Foundation, Mr. Mukherjee wants to reduce school drop-outs, assure the motivated high school students every support to build the future years and build more computer centers to train youths for jobs.

Tarapada Palit

Mr. Tarapada Palit has been a co-founder of the organization. An environmental engineer by profession, he has actively involved himself in non-profit professional council and community organizations for many years. He loves physical activities, sports and home improvement projects. Mr. Palit wants to see the foundation as a long-term financially stable charity organization.

Chaitali Purkayastha

Ms. Purkayastha is enthusiastic person to make a difference. Her thoughts and suggestions have been valuable to starting new programs." I want to study, but I need to eat" universal slogan would be her favorite.

Prasad Sarkar (Jogeswari P. Sarkar)

Mr. Sarkar has been a co-founder of the organization. He contributed considerably toward building the infra-structure of the foundation. As an avionics engineer in a large aerospace company he prides being part of the team building the defense of the country. He loves to be surrounded by books or listening 50's and 60's Hindi movie music. His passion and his obsession is Lily Foundation. He wants to see the foundation grow into a respectable organization.

Krishnakali Sen

Ms. Krishnakali Sen is a teacher in a reputed school in Kolkata. Associated with primary education for the past 15 years, she is interested in helping children regarding their studies to facilitate their harmonious development. She is intensely passionate about Bengali music and likes to interact with people of all ages. She hopes to see the foundation achieve its desired goals.


This page is current as of 17-June-2012

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