Foundation's America Members/ 2012

Anjana Basu, San Dimas, CA

Banaj Basu, San Dimas, CA

Amor Bhattacharya, TX

Dolly Basu, Plano, TX

Kalyan Basu, Plano, TX

Sudip Basu, Irving, TX

Amor Bhattacharya, TX

Ganges Bhattacharya, Allen, TX

Manasi Bhattacharya, Allen, TX

Sudipto Chakraborty, Dallas, TX

Basab Chatterjee, TX

Mousumi Chatterjee, Frisco, TX

Tuhin Chatterjee, Frisco, TX

Manisha Guha, Irving, TX

Sraboni Lahiry, Plano, TX

Anirudh Maitra, Dallas, TX

Meenakshi Maitra, Dallas, TX

Rakhi Mukerji, TX

Subhash Mukerji, TX

Amal Mukherjee, Carrollton, TX

Kamini Mukherjee, Carrollton, TX

Ranjit Nandi, TX

Arunima Rudra, Frisco, TX

Debashish Rudra, Frisco, TX

Aishawarya Sarkar, Fort Worth, TX

Bhaskar Sarkar, Flower Mound, TX

Maya Sarkar, Fort Worth, TX

Prasad Sarkar, Fort Worth, TX

Tapati Sarkar, Fort Worth, TX

For membership, the annual fee is $25. Please express your desire through an email, letter, telephone, gift form or verbally [note that membership is not automatic through any amount of donation]. Every member has to abide by the constitution (please read on this web).

Please note that you need to request ([email protected]) to be included in the core group who attend meetings regularly and take action items.

This page is current as of 29 June 2012

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