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Your contribution helps preserve and grow Lily’s educational, healthcare and disaster relief projects throughout India.

Please select a purpose below to donate online (Consult View Data pages for Sponsorship Opportunities details):

AALO Study Home

A1: “I Own My Study Home” $1,680
A2: “No Kid Left Hungry” $600
A3: “Kids Look Smart” $100-400
A4: “Kids Read Well” $100-400

AALO Primary Coaching Home

B1: “I Own My Primary Coaching Home” $840
B2: Support a TORCHs Program $500

AALO High School Coaching Home

C1: “I Own My High School Coaching Home” $1,300
C2: Support HSCH 10 $650

SMILE Scholarship

D1: “White Lily” – SMILE (20 yrs)  High school $3,500 / Professional College $7,000
D2: “Pink Lily” – SMILE (10 yrs) High School $1,800 / Professional College $3,600
D3: “Blue Lily” – SMILE (5 yrs) High School $1,000 / Professional College $2,000
D4: SMILE Sponsor – High School (1 yr) $220
D5: SMILE Sponsor – Professional College $440

Education Center

E1: “I Own My Computer Center” – (1st yr) $7,000
E2: “I Run My Computer Center” – (2nd yr) $3,500
E3: Learn Well Computer $500
E4: Lady Learns Sewing $150
E5: “I Own My Vocational Center” $700+
E6: “I Own My Bookbank” $500


General Purpose Any Amount
Education General Any Amount
Health Care Any Amount
Feed-the-Needy Any Amount
Disaster Relief Any Amount
Annual Dinner As Announced
Spelling Bee As Announced

You may also make a general donation anytime to support the overall mission of Lily Foundation.

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The Education areas where your donations are welcome are
Sponsorship of Homes, Scholarships, Computer Centers, Bookbanks and Vocational Centers.

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