Lily Foundation was created and inspired by a diverse team of caring individuals from all over the world. Their passion drives our mission on a daily basis and we thank everyone involved for the passion and dedication they bring to Lily Foundation.

Team US
Basab ChatterjeePresident
Dr. Anish RayVice President
Rohit MukherjeeTreasurer
Promith Sanyal ,– Secretary
Jay SarkarDirector at large
Sanjit Bhattacharya,
Director at large
Devlina Ghosh, Director at large
Pamela Sengupta, Web and Social Media prime

Council of Trust – US
Topan Bhattacharya, Chairman
Rajiv Roy, Secretary
Amal Mukherjee, Member
J.P. Sarkar, Member
Anirudha Maitra, Ex-officio Member

Past Lily US Presidents
Anirudha MaitraHonorary Director
Amal MukherjeeHonorary Director
Basab ChatterjeeHonorary Director
Sraboni LahiryHonorary Director
Titas Sarker, Honorary Director
Tuhin ChatterjeeHonorary Director
Tarapada PalitHonorary Director

Governing Body – India

Rajesh Patra, President
Basab Chatterjee, Vice President
Subir Mitra, Secretary
Anirudha Maitra, Asstt. Secretary
Amit Saha Roy, Treasurer
Gitashree Chakraborty, Asstt. Treasurer
Arup Choudhury, Member and Mission Director (Mid-West Region)
Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar, Advisor
Dr. Anish Ray, Member
Aishawarya Sarkar, Member
Deepanjana Mukherjee, Member