Lily Foundation was created and inspired by a diverse team of caring individuals from all over the world. Their passion drives our mission on a daily basis and we thank everyone involved for the passion and dedication they bring to Lily Foundation.


Anirudh Maitra, President
Dr. Anish Ray, Vice President
Sonali Ghosh, Treasurer
Rima Chatterjee, Secretary
Jay Sarkar, Director
Basab Chatterjee – Director

Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar, Director – Project administration

Titas Sarker, Honorary Director
Sraboni Lahiry
, Honorary Director
Basab Chatterjee, Honorary Director
Tuhin Chatterjee, Honorary Director
Anirudha Maitra, Honoraray Director
Amal Mukherjee, Honoraray Director
Tarapada Palit, Honoraray Director

Governing Body

Amal Mukherjee, President
Basab Chatterjee, Vice President
Subir Mitra, Secretary
Rajesh Patra, Asstt. Secretary
Amit Saha Roy, Treasurer
Sharmila Basu, Asstt. Treasurer
Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar, Advisor
Arup Choudhuary, Member and Mission Director, Western Region
Sraboni Lahiry, Member
Anirudha Maitra, Member
Aishawarya Sarkar, Member


Anirudh Maitra – President
Anirudh has been volunteering with the Lily Foundation since early 2001 .  He lives and works in Allen Texas with his wife Meenakshi and their daughter Aanika. The belief of empowering people via education is something that the Maitra family holds dear to their hearts.

Dr. Anish Ray – Vice President

Anish grew up in Calcutta, India where he went to medical school. Presently he is a pediatric oncologist at Cook Children’s Medical Center, Fort Worth, Texas where he lives with his wife Ayesha and 7 year-old daughter Uma. “Breaking the cycle of poverty through education”, the mission of Lily Foundation is what attracted Anish to its cause.

Jay Sarkar– Director
Picture and Bio coming soon.

Sonali Ghosh-
Picture and Bio coming soon.

Rima Chatterjee – Secretary
Rima strongly believes that every child has a right to an education, particularly girls in the developing world. At the Lily Foundation, she found the opportunity to help underprivileged children, especially in her home state of West Bengal. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Calcutta University, she has worked as a teacher in India and in the retail industry in the US. Nowadays, Rima loves to take long walks with her four legged friend, Tim-tim who came to her home from an animal rescue center 7 years ago.

Basab Chatterjee
Basab Chatterjee – Director
Basab has been with Lily since 2002. He grew up in Kolkata, has advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management and works in the semiconductor industry. He found his motivation to get involvedw charitable work from his mother Sandhyamalati Chatterjee, a well-known social welfare professional in West Bengal. He lives with his wife Dipanjana, in Dallas and loves dogs, travelling, gardening, music, wine and reading Bengali ghost stories.

Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar
Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar – Director
Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar is co-founder of Lily Foundation. Professionally he is avionics engineer, currently retired, having advanced degrees in Applied Physics and in Computer Engineering. He lives in Fort Worth with wife Maya.