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Computer Learning Opportunity Grows with Two More Centers Added

Purulia on Lily map

Nirvani Karisma Computer Learning Center [CC#8] debuts

Kolkata gets its first

Lily Computer Kendra [CC#9]

Radhamohanpur in the district of Purulia lies quiet on the rim of Bengal, within a few kilometers from the greenary of Jharkhand's Dimna hills terrain. Appearing like the center of world peace, its habitats are sparsely populated by villagers - 40% tribals and rest OBCs (other backward caste) - whose living depends on the strip farming along the rocky land. The color-washed cottages, clean yards with scavaging hens, mothers giving clean-showers to kids at public tubewells or carrying water home make up the picturesque scape.

Swami Vivekaknanda was particularly keen about the Shabar tribals, who for centuries did not see the light of education. Yugacharya Vivekananda Seva Samity, a RKM Bhabaprachar samity, is bent to change it. In collaboration with this esteemed organization, a second Lily Foundation computer center is now opened here to bring forth the newest opportunity of civilization to the unfortunate school-going boys and girls of Radhamohanpur.

On December 30th 2014, RKM Swami Pradyut Maharaj inaugurated Nirvani Karisma Computer Learning Center in a new facility still under part construction. The computer lab and the theory room/office are mostly complete awaiting inside finishing. The sign-up sheets for the boys and girls are filling up with the anticipation that the classes will begin in February.

Mr. Scott & Mrs. Karen Snorton of Dallas, TX are the sponsors.

New year's first project inaugurated was Lily Computer Kendra. Lily Foundation's designated Center-of-Excellence facility at Haridevpur is hosting this newest computer center.

In choosing locations for computer centers, Lily usually puts priority on villages or small towns. Then, why are we choosing a metro town in Kolkata? Here are the reasons. One, most schools in Kolkata still do not have any computer lab. Two, although computer leaning centers like Youth Computer, Rajiv Gandhi or Indira Gandhi centers are out of the reach of low-average income and poor families. Third and important, Lily Foundation wants to use this center as a "lab" for experimenting with optimal course curriculum determination, teaching methods and student participation.

On January 4th, the Kendra was inaugurated by the sponsor Banaj Kamal Basu, who dedicated the center in his mother's memory, who had passed away at his very early childhood. Mr. Basu suggests the use of the center as a laboratory for prototype projects. Mrs. Keya Mukherjee, Secretary, voiced a similar opinion.

Incidentally, this computer center is the third such sponsorship (after Kulbani and Amdanga) by Mr. Banaj and Mrs. Anjana Basu of California.

EDCON XI Unites Students, Teachers and Sponsors

11th Annual Education Conference glitters in

Asha Auditorium, Ghatsila

The town of Ghatsila at the foothills of Dalma range on the bank of golden Subarnarekha river witnessed a historic event that stirred the quiet peace loving tribal and non-tribal citizens alike in a very positive way. The confluence of teachers, students, educationists and sponsors from all over the region of midwest Bengal through the lower east Jharkhand became spectacular with 350 attendees. Education conference provided a new meaning of inspiration to the local school staff, swamis, company official and news reporters.
On Sunday, the 28th December 2014, the conference began with a dance item. The Chief Guest Mr. Harish Srivastava, GM of Indian Copper Corporation, spoke of Lily Foundation igniting the zeal among the underprivileged to become higher-educated and now it is upon all of us to carry the legacy. Prof. Dilip Basu, ex-VC Burdwan University and Tripura University, delineated the avenues open to the high school graduates for joint exams in various professional fields. Swami Arup Maharaj of Ramakrishna Math, Ghatsila reminded students with Swami Vivekananda's words of wisdom. Mrs. Arunima Mukhopadhyay, retired HoD Physics, Lady Brabourne College, herself a leader of an NGO, stressed the need for more such work as Lily Foundation does.

Students spoke on the subject "What is my duty", chosen by the foundation's SMILE admininstration.

The entertainment part included tribal dance, Tagore art dance and small one-act play written, directed and acted by the Dhulai group.

2014 Pride-of-Lily was chosen to be Bijoya Mondal who is now a student of M. Sc(Ag) in Agroforestry at Benaras Hindu University. Accreditation-wise this institute is equivalent to IIT. Bijoya has been receiving the SMILE Scholarship award since her 9th Grade at Dhulai. Daughter of a marginal farmer, she had shown promise at that age by taking leadership in dance and music. By her steely determination she made consistent excellent results all along through her B.Sc. (Agri Science) at Shantiniketan Vishva Bharati University. In the first year exam at BHU, she got 86% . Bijoya at her acceptance speech told that although girls generally are shy of expressing their goals and aspirations, which is one cause for their unfulfilled dreams, they must be bold in opening up expressing their mind at home as early in the life as possible.

Lily Foundation chooses a SMILE student every year for this coveted award, who shows moral courage, honesty and loyalty in addition to excellent scholarship that presents an ideal to all SMILE students to follow.

Friend-of-Lily Award this year went to Mr. Banaj Kamal Basu and his wife of California, who displayed their love toward the diasadvantaged by sponsoring 3 computer centers, several scholarships and prize sponsorship. They introduced their family members and friends to Lily. The total value of their sponsorship has been over Rs. 21 Lakhs so far.

For a list of all awards, visit

Ms. Mousumi Bhattacharya in the role of MC and Arup Chowdhury as the overall organizer are to be credited for putting up the impressive show.

Spelling Bee 2015 - Coming Near You

File Picture from 2014


Dinner Save-the-Date Feed-the Needy Lily Fun Cricket
Park Plaza Tower will host the 2015 Annual Appreciation Dinner. The exciting panoramic view from top will capture your imagination. And the exotic food too. Please mark your calendar. We look forward to your continued patronage to support the Lily cause.

12th September 2015

6:00 PM

Following the Lily Foundation tradition we would be hosting a homeless feeding program to serve the guest community on Mother's Day at Union Gospel Mission, Fort Worth: a fun cooking and treating event not to be missed by volunteers and families!

10th May 2015

9:00 AM

Who doesn't want to relive the nostalgic bat-ball experience by trying a shot? The opportunity is coming soon near you. The most popular game in India - the game of cricket - is for us to lay hands on while raising a few charity dollars. Watch for date.

2nd Weekend of April 2015

9:00 AM

Lily Appreciation Dinner 2014 Witnesses Exuberant Enthusiasm

Lily Foundation’s Annual Appreciation Dinner was held on 6th September, 2014, at Park Plaza Towers , located in Richardson , Texas . The new and stylish venue brought about a breath of fresh air with its walnut stained wooden floors and sparkling chandeliers. The 7th floor was elegantly decorated and packed with over two hundred and twenty guests. The event started with a beautiful rendition of Ganesh Vandana in Bharatanatyam classical dance form performed by Nikita Srivastava, followed by the President of Lily Foundation, Dr. Amal Mukherjee’s speech.  Lily Foundation Projects were well presented by speakers Dr. Aishawarya Sarkar, Dr. Padmakar Kulkarni and Mr. John Hammond. An array of great food and desserts was served to satisfy everyone’s palate and stomach. The event continued with two very enjoyable musical programs performed by “Mahanadi Unplugged” and “Ivy Chatterjee and her Team” that kept the audience engaged and dancing to the tune of R.D. Burman, in celebration of his 75th birthday . The Auction run by Shabnam Modgil was a huge success, where paintings by Shreyoshi Sanyal were put up. Smile Scholars were presented for sponsorship. Several paintings were sold with part proceeds going to Lily Foundation. All of the meritorious SMILE Scholar candidates received sponsorship. Plaques and certificates were distributed in appreciation of Lily Foundation’s generous patrons and well-wishers. Thanks to all guests, contributors and volunteers, the event ended with a great feeling of fun, frolic and desired success!

Education Mission News Items ...

Vocational Training



SMILE Scholarships


Healthcare Disciplines

Early Debut



No wonder, Andrew Yule company is inspired even more to work with us in their CSR program. A repeat of the vocational project Mobile Phone Repairing has started in Hijaldiha VSS for the first time to train 20 students in a 6-mo long course.

The spectacular success of this course became clear when Prasad Sarkar in a quest to survey how our past graduates were doing found out that those who opened their own stores were making as much as Rs.30000/- a month. Bravo!

Thakurpukur just opened sessions on two vocations - Mobile Repair & A/C Refrig.

SMILE Medical is a subprogram that awards students of medicine (MBBS) as well as medical-related disciplines, such as nursing (GNM), lab technician and diagnostic tools specialists (DMLT) training, usually of 4 yr., 3 1/2 yr. or less duration. Bandana Mahanta, our ex SMILE scholar, currently a nurse and a sponsor, is the Administrator. Student enrollment is going on now.

Tarak Das Banerjee & Gumdur Grewal-Banerjee Charitable Foundation provides sponsorship for the entire course duration of the students.

Every year, SMILE Fair is conducted in villages and small town centers to attract students who do not have any easy means to find out how to apply for the scholarship. Our office representatives highlight the features of the scholarship and student eligibility criteria in a slide presentation on site. Also they do spot checks on the selectable students' homes and living standards to make sure of the eligibility.

This year we already started tours as early as January to make sure we get enough applications to cover all positions. The sponsorship from India has risen dramatically in recent months.

Healthcare News events...

Bandel Dental Camp
Dhulai Asthma Camp
Dhulai Blood Donation Camp
At Bandel Abakash on 2nd Nov 2014, Dental Camp was organized, courtesy of Kalyan Mukherjee, where about 100 patients were examined, diagnosed and emergency-treated for problems. All patients were given a toothbrush and a toothpaste each. Dhulai DMS Institute held Asthma Camp on 4th January 2015, where Dr. Priyatosh Dhalla, a specialist, was at hand to make computerized diagnosis and provide expert opinions. The camp was organized at the courtesy of Lupia Respira. Blood Donation Camp was organized at Dhulai DMS Institute on 2nd November 2014. Like every year, this popular camp provided opportunity to the villagers to come forward to the rescue of the needy at hospitals.
Kolkata Cancer Awareness & Thallasemia Camp
Water Filter Distribution
On 4th January 2015, Lily Foundation's Center-O-Excellence facility at Haridevpur organized a Cancer Awareness presentation by Netaji Subhas Cancer research Institute Dr. Ashis Mukhopadhyay. Thallasemia diagnosis for unmarried youth group was conducted. DrinkingWater filters for home, courtesy of Moyee Foundation, were distributed in November 2014 to selected SMILE students' homes. The operating procedure and maintenance of candle replacement were explained to the houselady.

More such filters are to be distributed in the near future.

Headline Makers in Recent Sponsorship.. (since September 2014)

Mr. Arnab Basu of Kolkata Rs. 1 Lakh a year in SMILE Scholarships

Ms. Aggarwal in Dubai Rs. 1 Lakh a year in SMILE Scholarships

Ms. Shobha Sharma of Kolkata Rs. 1 Lakh for general sponsorships as required

Mr. Scott & Ms. Karen Snorton of Texas $6K for Computer Center

M/S Tarak Das Banerjee and Gumdur-Grewal Banerjee Charitable Foundation $13K for SMILE Medical scholarships and grants

Mr. Pallab & Ms. Mita Chatterjee of Texas $3K for AALO Study and AALO High School Coaching Home

** Repeat donors for the same cause and Lily Foundation officials' donation/sponsorships are not included

India Governing Body Members elected for 2015-2017

Sunil Kumar Mondal

Vice President

Amal Mukherjee


Keya Mukherjee


Jogeswari Prasad Sarkar

Asstt. Secretary

Subir Mitra

Asstt. Treasurer

Sharmila Basu


Basab Chatterjee

Mission Director (MidWest Region)

Prasenjit Banerjee


Anirudha Maitra


Mousumi Chatterjee


Aishawarya Sarkar

Feed-The-Needy (Thanksgiving 2014) kitchen specialists Feed-The-Needy (Thanksgiving 2014) more kitchen specialists BDO himself takes the initiative to appeal for blood donation

Friend-of-Lily acceptance speech by Banaj Basu at EDCON

Dhulai Dishari group presents a play at EDCON

Arunima Mukhopadhyay speaks at EDCON

Scenic Radhamohanpur village in Purulia

Photo op for an innocent village woman of Radhamohanpur A dance item at EDCON
Bandel AALO-26 High School Coaching Home got the best in its group AALO RATNA award for 2014 Swami Arup Maharaj speaks at EDCON Subhashree Kundu who performed an exotic solo dance number at EDCON is being presented for her SMILE-High Performance


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