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Dishari Bookbank Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Bookbank is not a common name which people recognize instantly. However, it is a popular name that the poor village boys and girls fondly want to recognize with the hope of availing books that would strengthen their ability and aspiration in achieving higher grades at exams. A bookbank is like a library of text books, key books, help books, maps and reference books, where students can borrow for longer terms - often for a whole year - at no cost. Although the govt. schools assist the students with free text books, these are not available at right time. Since the cost of a book is out of reach of the ordinary village household, the students often go without books, or taking temporary help from their rich student counterparts. In cases where a student is able to procure one text book, she would still need access to more, at least one or two other similar books, by different authors in order to grasp the subject matter well.

Dishari Bookbank is the first of its kind opened in Dhulai, Bankura in 2004. Since then, it has been assisting hundreds of students of Grade 5 through Grade 10 every year. Besides procuring through purchase, it receives donation of new books from Yugacharya Vivekananda Seva Samity and at times from other organizations. Frequent changes of prescribed text books in schools have become a norm, which makes books non-recyclable in shorter term.

The area schools that Dishari serves are Narrah High School, Radhanagar High School, Pakhanna High School, Nabason High School, Dadhimukha High School, Jaykrishna High School and all schools of Sonamukhi. The number of distributed books are in thousands.

"Owning" a bookbank costs only $500 a year. The sponsor may choose name of the bookbank. An annual progress report is submitted.

Dinner Save-the-Date

Lily Appreciation Dinner provides the opportunity to know Lily projects as well as meet the people who make them

Saturday, 6th September, 6:30 PM

Park Plaza Tower, 15311 N Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75243

SMILE Program now awards even more

Lily Foundation Directors decided to award Rs. 1500/- a month to a SMILE scholar studying professional level course. Currently we have students in Engineering, Nursing, Agriculture and Bio sciences. The sponsorship cost still remains same at $400 a year.

It was also decided that a number of scholars will be supported by the foundation even without individual sponsorships.

The SMILE scholars continue to excel in the spirit of every year in the past. The scores will be available in SHINE magazine to be published at Appreciation Dinner.

The sponsorship of a high school boy or girl is just $200 a year. You get annual progress report of the student including Mentor's report and a thank-you note.

The recent sponsors are: Sudipto Chakraborty #5 and #6, Aishawarya Sarkar #1 and #2, Amor Bhattacharya #3, Ziaul Kabir & Parvin Sultana Chowdhury, Swarnendu Ray, Pauline Mills, Sravan Kumar Nukula, Smarajit & Tara Pramanick, Barnali & Avijit Saha, Rita Sircar

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Kolkata Office moves to permanent location
Dinner Save-the-Date Feed-the Needy
The new FunAsia center (Park Plaza Tower) will host the 2014 Annual Dinner. An exciting view around the venue promises to captivate the participants this year. Please mark your calendar. We look forward to your continued patronage to support Lily for its cause.

6th September 2014

6:30 PM

Following the Lily Foundation tradition we would be hosting a homeless feeding program to serve the community a Thanksgiving lunch at Union Gospel Mission, Fort Worth: a fun cooking and treating event not to be missed by volunteers and their families!

23rd November 2014

9:00 AM

Swami Stabapriyananda Maharaj from Belur Math dedidated the Lily building on 27th July 2014. He said, "With dedication of this beautiful building Lily Foundation is starting afresh its journey towards the noble mission of serving the deprived and distressed."
TATA Institute Empanels
The Lily Foundation Kolkata office moves to Lily Foundation Center Of Excellence Building at Haridevpur end of July 2014. The new address as follows will be effective from 1 August 2014.

The Lily Foundation

125/10/1 Chander Village Road

Kolkata - 700082

Brief direction: Take road to Karunamoyee bridge from Tollygunge Metro Station, 2/3 mins after crossing the bridge, take right from M.G. Road onto Chander Village Rd.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences has provisionally empanelled The Lily Foundation with National CSR Hub for the thematic area of Education in the geographic regions of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Parts of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

Kudos !!

Government of India issued a directive in the recent past that all concerns who are implementing CSR projects in parternership with non-profit organizations are to undergo an all-inclusive audit.

In that connection, Roy, Gupta & Associates, a CA firm, performed the task in order to submit a report to GOI on the operation of CSR projects by Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. They checked all documents and registers of students, teachers, administrator/supervisors, accounting staff, all relevant supporting documents related to payments for which bills were raised by LF, all proposals and budgets, and met individually with the benficiaries and teachers. Upon completion they expressed their extreme satisfaction.

Mr. Roy commented that the mechanism of record keeping is "unmatched" compared to other similar organizations. He also said that "Lily Foundation is probably the organization whose dedication, sincerity and method of implementation of CSR projects are the best among of all of those with whom we are currently involved."

Lily Foundation thanks its own staff for this wonderful job done.

Initiatives Undertaken

Talent Search
Medha Annwesan Aviksha initiative was undertaken at DMS Institute, Dhulai to search and reward talents amog the school students. Hundreds of families came with their children who participated in the contests. Class II to X students were evaluated, among whom 28 were awarded silver medals and 90 got books.

The Talent search contest was held on 2nd October 2013, which is Lily Foundation DMS Institute's birthday.

Free Eye Camp
Free Eye Screening Camp was organized on 25th June 2014 with the noble gesture of B. M. Birla Eye Clinic, Kolkata at DMS Institute, Dhulai with the leadership from Durgapur Cement Works unit of the Birla group. 225 patients were examined, out of which 122 patients were to be taken to M. P. Birla eye hospital for operation.

Let's hear from the lips of President, Lily India

The  Lily Foundation    - one   review

                                                                  by   Keya   Mukherjee

We are a non-profit philanthropic organization engaged in social service with our head office in Kolkata, West Bengal ,India. Our activities are spread over in many states, districts and villages of India .

We are one of many thousands of similar organizations who extend their hands of support to the needy.  This fact does not make our presence insignificant in any manner because needs always outpace the resources. I think most of us, who are driving the wheel as well as those who are providing the required support, are all driven by the  magnetic call of Swami Vivekananda, that our motherland needs little sacrifices till our fellow men are all fed and enlightened. So, here we are - surviving and growing with your support.

Our major thrust area of work is bringing light to the poor and ignorant through gift of education. We also work in the area of healthcare support.

School education is free for all children in the country. Even then there is massive illiteracy. Through our personal involvement and observation we have identified many problem areas such as the following:

· Many poor families often need their children to actively help in bread earning which hinder the growth due to lack of school-training. It is more true for a female child.

· Lucky few who could go to school cannot cope with the studies as parents are unable to give guidance and class teaching is often insufficient.

· In most villages facilities for science and technology education in higher classes are simply not offered.

· Rural children are unaware of the benefits of technical and vocational education that make them self-reliant in job occupation.

· Library facilities are unavailable in most villages.

· No thrust is given to character development or up-bringing of a child to make a good citizen.

And many more.

Our educational projects of pre-primary study homes, primary and secondary coaching centers, scholarships for brilliant students, computer learning centers, vocational training centers are all designed to tackle the above issues and cater to the needs. We consider all these projects are of immense importance and serving the community at length. However, at times we must readjust our priority due to changing circumstances – funding being a major determinant. This way, although not savory we had to close down three Study Homes in the recent past.

We conduct periodical health checkup camps for children as well as grown-ups at our different activity centers.

With all your support we will overcome all barriers and become your true link to humanity.

News in Pictures....

A successful blood donation camp was organized at DMS Institute on Gandhiji's birthday Talent Search (Medha Annesan) was organized at DMS Institute, Dhulai

At Narrah center, Speak Well program is in operation

At Asanbani photo op the High School Coaching Home students

An Eyecamp visitor

Student turned Sponsor Bandana Mohanta
Former President Sandhyamalati Chatterjee at Haridevpur building dedication ceremony Swami Stabapriyananda unveils Lily Foundation building at Haridevpur, while Ajay Maharaj looks on


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