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    Sunday, February 23, 2014

 "One World" - a fusion Dance Program

   Presented by

Lily Foundation and Fresnel Luminaire


                   PFamily Arts,  4017 Preston Rd , Plano , T X 75093

5:30 PM


  “One World” will showcase various dance forms from classical Indian, South American, Contemporary American, Street dancing, Hip-Hop and many more. A rare opportunity to experience these forms from artists ranging from those who have performed in “Underground events” to all the way in shows like “Dancing with the stars”, “America’s got talent”, and having worked with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake etc. The essence of the evening will be to get mesmerized by these wonderful artists, while raising money for a noble cause. Come and join us!

For info call: Arati 707 479 2029; Mousumi 469 734 9317; Sraboni 713 303 2595

For a brief intro of the artists, see a news item below

Vision to the Impaired

andhajane deho aalo, mritajane….

Echoing Tagore song-lines, Lily Foundation and Toronto-Calcutta Foundation organized a mega Eye Camp in Dhulai, where hundreds of village men and women lined up as early as 6 in the morning not to miss the opportunity of getting a free pair of eye glasses. Over three hundred patients were examined, of whom two hundred twenty seven (227) patients were distributed free pairs of glasses and scores given eye-drops. Several were diagnosed ripe for cataract operation, and would be referred to Kolkata hospitals for free or low-cost surgery, courtesy of Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal. Thanks go to Dr. Ganguly, his assistants, Lily volunteers and the sponsors.

The event was organized in memory of late Savitri Waghray.

The sponsorship of a healthcare event starts from $500 and goes up with the scale of service you desire.

Kulboni High Computer Center Control Transferred

Following the established rule that the control and funding of a computer center is transferred to the host organization after 3 to 4 years of successful operation, Vidyasagar Computer Learning Center at Kulboni High School is now transferred to the school management in a modest event where busts of Vidyasagar (courtesy of sponsors Banaj Kamal and Anjana Basu) and Rabindranath Tagore were unveiled. The Head Master acknowledged before the gathering audience in a short speech that the computer center was instrumental for the High School in receiving the elevated status of Higher Secondary, and obtaining accreditation for the computer sciences course by the West Bengal school board. From now on, close to 1000 students will have the opportunity to learn computer every year there. Both Lily Foundation and Kulboni High School signed an MoU to continue their cordial relationship for future collaborations.

Recent sponsor to a new center is: Sunandan Sen and Nargis Chawla of New York

If you sponsor a computer center, your preferred name of the center stays with the operation of the center that can run many more years after your contribution ends. Hundreds, or sometimes thousands of students get immense benefits. The sponsorship is $6000-3000-3000 for only the first three years.

New Programs for High School Coaching Students

Touch Computer and Speak Well are the two rare opportunities introduced as new programs in 4 HSCHs (Dhulai - 2, Hijaldiha and Bandel).

Under “Touch Computer” program, the students will get to know the basic Word operation during the length of one full year. Of late, as even the most simple office or a shop job needs an employee with knowledge to operate a computer, this basic training will in the very least allow the aspiring Madhyamik graduates to become a confident job-seekers.

Under “Speak Well” program, the students will practice public communication skill in clear expression of organized thoughts. The purpose is to overcome the fear of speaking up and loud in an unfamiliar environment.

Both programs are being implemented effective the current session beginning February.

Recent new sponsors for High School Coaching Homes are: Malay Chatterji, Srijay Gupta

You can be a proud sponsor by paying annually $950 for 20 students.

SMILE Scholars Shine

The glitter of the SMILE scholarship students buoyed by the motivation continue unabated. The recent shows are 1) By Mumpi Koley who stood first in All West Bengal Nursing Schools and Colleges speech competition on Bharatiya Narir Adarsha, 2) By Prabin Mahato, who organized a Science meet of 400 students from 6 districts to observe the recent ISON comet in the sky, and 3) By a 3-student team who started running a coaching for disadvantaged high school students free. Also, in small scale, many students started free instructions for the area poor students.

Many new sponsors have joined the pool to support new students, raising the number to over 220. Recent sponsors are: Mamoon Akhtar, Polly Higley-Manash Sarcar-Tapash Sarcar (3), Promith & Sreyoshi Sanyal, Dhanmatie Sankarsingh (2), Arindam Saha, Ben Rikhilal, Arjun & Soma Rathore, Taramatie Maharaj, Anil & Mini Kumar #4, Purna Chandra Halder #2, Somu & Rajashi Ghosh #2, Deepa Ganguly, Nishan & Sandia Douglas, Arijit & Srijata Choudhury #2, Munish Chhabra #2, Kamal Chanda #2 (White Lily), Amor Bhattacharya #2, Purba Bandyopadhyay, Scott & Karen Snorton (5 additional)

For a yearly contribution of $180, you can join the team sponsoring a disadvantaged meritorious high school student.

"One World" in support of Education to the Disadvantaged

Lily Foundation and Fresnel Luminaire presents “One World”, a first of a kind dance show amalgamating the various dance forms to the tunes of Bollywood and Western music. While the show will be reiterating the fact that dance knows no geographical boundaries, the primary cause is to help Lily Foundation in their noble cause of bringing education to less fortunate children in India. “One World” will showcase various dance forms from classical Indian, South American, Contemporary American, Street dancing, Hip-Hop and many more. A rare opportunity to experience these forms from artists ranging from those who have performed in “Underground events” to all the way in shows like “Dancing with the stars”, “America’s got talent”, and having worked with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake etc. The essence of the evening will be to get mesmerized by these wonderful artists, while raising money for a noble cause. Come and join us!


Artist Bio's below

Keith Green - Choreography includes work for the record label National Recording Artists Tyrese, Marcos Hernandez, MTV's " My Super Sweet 16 ", MTV3's " Road to Menudo ", film "El Guitarist", MLS Championship Cup Half-Time Show, NFL’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and AFL’s Dallas Desperados Dancers, Toni & Guy Photographic Awards, National Dance Alliance/National Cheerleaders Association. He also choreographed competitive hip hop numbers for Commack Cougarettes (3rd at NDA High School Nationals 2012) and Odessa High School (National Champions at MA Nationals 2012). Keith is currently choreographing for recording artist Karen Noseff

Delmar Reyna - Her diverse style is a result of her training in West African, Hip Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Belly dance, African, Samba, House, and Locking. Her dance career includes working with artists Marc Anthony, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Neyo, Jason Derulo, and Jay Sean, to name a few, performing on shows such as America's Got Talent, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and more.

Sandy De Lara - Her trademark style, a neo-fusion of Latin rhythms, draws from her mastery of more than 7 distinct global methods and techniques. Sandy’s performing career has led her across the country and back, appearing in venues such as China Club (New York), House of Blues (Hollywood), Rain Club (Las Vegas), and many more. She has been featured as a headliner -Tuaca’s: Body Art Ball, Bud Light Invasion, X-Vodka Femme Fatales, and Farouk Systems USA. She has also performed at different salsa congresses, including, NYCSC, TSC, DSC, DBF, SSC, HSC, UDF. The TV screen has also seen the magic of her movements on The Cristina Show, Telemundo’s Network Party, WFAA8, and Univision’s New Year’s Eve. With over 18 years of performing excellence, Sandy ’s career also extends to the stage of platinum recording artists Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente Jr., Frankie J, and Baby Bash.

On popular demand, Thakurpukur Vocational Center opens 2nd Batch of the same course

Hands-on skill development has always been a popular pursuit for the average-educated high school graduates or current students. Lily foundation with sponsorship of Andrew Yule Company seeks to fulfill that opportunity to the youth by providing newer and different vocational training.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration course 2nd batch is introduced beginning January this year. At the event, Andrew Yule GM Basab Banerjee explained the rationale for continuing on this trade training for the propspective job-seekers. The occassion was an opportunity to hear from the prospective students why they thought they would need this course. Hasibul Ali Molla, an electrician (a former graduate of this center) thinks rightfully that the A/C and Refrig will go hand in hand in practical business field, and so, he will attend 3 days this course while the other days of the week he will devote to his existing shop-work. Bivas Sarkar, a Madhyaamik student, feels since his family affordability is low it would be better that he goes for a special skill training like this one rather than continuing the general line education.

Sponsorship of a vocational training course is available upon request. For some, the yearly amount is fixed, while for others it is subject to the type of skill development.

Coming Soon ...

1)      Narrah Eye Camp, Bankura in January

2)      Asanboni High School Coaching Home, Bankura opening in February

3)      Ghatsila’s No. 3 High School Coaching Home opening in February

4)      Ghatsila JC High Lily Foundation Bookbank opening in February

5)      Bandel Shayamaprasad Jatiya Vidyalaya Computer Center opening in February

6) Xth Annual Education Conference in February

Lily Appreciation Dinner September 2013

The annual Lily Appreciation Dinner which was a gala event organized in Funasia Banquets at Richhardson, texas was a tremendously successful event which saw a turn over of over  200 guests.The evening had a line of events including cultural programmes organized by local performers, we had lily members who presented the different activities and success stories of Lily Foundation to the guests and patrons. The Auction which had featurted items like sponsoring the Lily Book Banks, Smile Scholarships and the likes received overwhelming response. The Silent Auction for the Paintings by local artist also earned appreciation and we did benefit from huge sale of 9 Art pieces out of 12 on display.

Patients waiting for eye exam at DMS Inst. Sponsor and ardent supporter Dr. Topan Bhattacharya visited AALO schools -seen above, trying computer at DMS Institute Popular Sreyoshi arts auction display at Dinner drew attention to bidders

2nd October celebrated at DMS Institute. Prizes were distributed to top debate competitors

Dhulai Vocational Center students take exam

Topan Bhattacharya awarding prize


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