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My Sponsoring Opportunities

12th Annual Fundraising Dinner 2012

Lily Foundation is hosting its XIIth annual appreciation dinner at Fun Asia Richardson, TX on September 8th 2012. All proceeds from the fund raising dinner serve education projects (unless mentioned differently). The event this year starts with a social cocktail hour, followed by live auction, raffle tickets, a sumptuous dinner and concluding with an hour long cultural program performed by local artists. Local Mayor will be present as a Keynote speaker. We do appreciate and thank you for your continued support to Lily’s noble mission. Like every year, please enhance the dignity of the event by your presence. We will love to welcome our new friends as well.

Thank you for supporting Lily Foundation and helping the underprivileged students  to break out of the cycle of poverty through education.

SMILE scholarship fairs in Bankura, West Bengal; India


The 2012 SMILE scholarship fairs, like the previous year, were held at Bankura from 29th June to 1st July, 2012. The fairs were conducted at three of our SMILE Clusters in Hijaldiha (HVSS), Dhulai (DMS Institute) and at Narrah (NVC).  Guided by the principle that if the needy cannot reach us we will reach them, the office team travelled and met the village boys and girls at our regional facilities, where in a coordial informal atmosphere the applications were collected and interviews taken. Spot visits were then made to some applicants' homes in order to accurately determine the need. The impressive turnout of students is credited to the efforts of local lily leaders. A total of 86 students were interviewed across the three centers. It is expected that a good percentage of them will meet the eligibility criteria to become proud recipients of the much needed and well deserved scholarships.

Lily Foundation is planning to expand the horizon of the fair locations in other areas and make it an annual event. 


Testimony and performance of Smile scholars is an added incentive to continue the vocation

Excellent performance by Smile scholars at their Xth grade exams sure deserves a congratulatory note from the Lily family. Several newspaper articles published stories on the successful Smile scholars from Lily on their excellent performance. There can be nothing more rewarding for the Lily family of sponsors than offering the deprived the gift of education.

Jyoti Karmakar came from a family of five members, father earning from a small machine repair shop Rs. 1800/- a month. Here’s what he had to say about Lily.

   “Throughout my Journey through the darkness of poverty I always found The Lily Foundation besides me”

Solar Lamp Distribution – A symbol of light in the dark!

Ms. Andrea Sreshta from Hyderabad , India gifted 12 multipurpose solar lamps to Lily Foundation, Kolkata. The solar lamps were distributed among the poor students with no access to electricity; which is considered indispensible in modern life.

The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the gift. The solar lamps will contribute immensely to the students’ daily life, much of which is spent in nearly dark small mud-hut rooms. They can use the lamps not only for their studies, but as torch lights to protect themselves from insect and snake bites, common to village life.

Lily Foundation thanks Ms. Andrea Sreshta and her father Joseph Sreshta for their generosity in helping improve the quality of life of the students.

New Horizons - Mobile Repairing & Servicing Course

Telecommunication in India has eased considerably with the advent of mobile phones. With technological advancement and increased competition among corporate giants the cost of mobile phone has reduced to around $30/- a piece. Moreover with reduced billing rate of mobile calls the propensity to use the phones has increased immensely.

More usage implies more chances of phones becoming faulty.

Mobile manufacturing companies are hiring servicemen for their Care Centres and more over this trade has emerged as one of the leading self- employment generating skills.

Lily Foundation and Andrew Yule & Co Ltd. shook hands to launch the Vocational Training Course in Mobile Repairing and Servicing so that averagely educated youth from not so well off families can take up this opportunity for employment when it comes their way. The course is the second such discipline which has been launched under the CSR programme of Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd.

Its venue is the Thakurpukur Vocational Centre at Rasapunja near Behala.

The course started on April 28, 2012. 21 students have enrolled. The average income of their families is Rs.4000/- per month.

MSME (Micro Small & Medium Enterprise), a department of GOI, having its wing in Kolkata has offered faculty support. The duration of training is six months only. The intent is mainly to ensure that our students can start their own small repairing shops and become self-reliant after completing the course.  Financial assistance in this regard can be available from banks if the students require. 

This is another side of Lily Foundation’s activities where we attempt to try to create employment opportunities among disadvantaged students so that the overall mission of the foundation is achieved.

 Feed the Needy program’s successful 20th year!

Feed-the-Needy Program on Mother’s day; May 13th 2012 was a grand success as it has been in the past 20 years!
We added on more volunteer participants this year some being elementary school kids. They say charity begins at home and sure enough the little kids were all excited to help and serve. This time we altered our menu slightly under the guidance of our master chef Mohammad Veerji. The adult participants were the chefs. Tasty recipes, like Italian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, and pasta, were prepared with raw ingredients and lots of goodwill. The chefs then turned into hosts, all standing and serving the folks hot freshly cooked food with salad, bread and dessert. Our new participants had the opportunity to learn more about the activities of Lily Foundation and expressed willingness to participate in such events in the future.
The Gospel residents and street residents all enjoyed the food with multiple rounds. The UGM Leaders appreciated the team for the excellent treats to the homeless. We feel proud to be associated with UGM which is an example of dedication to the human cause.

Upcoming Attraction

The next regularly scheduled luncheon will be served at UGM, Fort Worth for Thanksgiving in November 2012. Don't miss the group-cooking fun. Call if you want to volunteer.
The Mission (UGM) at 1321 and 1331 E. Lancester Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76102 is located on Highway 80, near the I-30 and I-35W mixmaster.Ring Bell and say you are from Lily to open the parking lot gate.


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