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My Sponsoring Opportunities

Education Conference 2010 Inspires Sponsors & Students Alike

The 7th Annual Education Conference held on December 26, 2010 in Kolkata attended by 250 students, teachers and parents uplifts everyone's spirit to a new high. The SMILE scholars’ enthusiasm is marked by their participation through speeches, recitations, songs and play of musical instruments. Chief Guest Prof. Dilip Kumar Basu, Ex- Vice Chancellor of Burdwan University, makes the students and parents aware of today’s many opportunities of financial assistance available for higher studies. Keynote Speaker renowned author Ms. Suchitra Bhattacharya advises students to be vigilant against the traps of current-day ultra-consumerism, such as having newer mobile phones or buying designer dresses. SMILE scholar Priyanka Das is awarded Pride-of-Lily for her exemplary initiatives. Industrialist Mrs. Sadhana Aggarwal is recognized with the covetted Friend-of-Lily award.

Lily Foundation receives sponsorship of two AALO High School Coaching Homes.

Hijaldiha Computer Center Opens

Our 5th computer center at Hijaldiha Vivekananda Seva Samity building opens as Kuntala Bagchi Smriti Chinha in January this year. Sponsor Mr. Nilendu Bagchi and his extended family express joy after hands-on encounter at the computer, viewing the library room and office and strolling the theory room. The inauguration ceremony day coinciding with Swami Vivekananda's birthday celebration at the Samity adds a new dimension as Swamiji's call for selfless service in essence makes the project's founding platform. Mrs. Keya Mukherjee, President of The Lily Foundation, reminds the audience in her speech of Swamiji's inspirational call for social service that Lily Foundation envisions.

The centre offers basic and advanced computer applications training to 100 students every year.

SMILE Numbers Hit All-time High

It is 150 now. The SMILE scholarship program popularity is demonstrated by the new high hit just recently. Boys and girls, from the poor families of village and small towns, get monthly awards to defray their tuition, books, uniforms and transportation costs. Many former SMILE scholars are rewarded with lucrative jobs, such as in TCS, after college graduation. For just $180 a year, you make one’s life!

Recent new sponsors are:

Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal (2 added), Mr. Himangsu Ajmera (5), Mr. Sanjib Ajmera (2), North Texas Hindu Mandir, Mr. Kalyan & Mrs. Dolly Basu, Mr. Sudip Basu, Mr. Amor Bhattacharya, Mr. Sudipto Chakraborty (1 added), Ms. Ranjana Chopra, B.D. Gokul (3), IERG- Sabre Group (3), Mr. Iman Kalyan Jana, Mr. Arnold & Mrs. Sase D. Kanhai, Mr. Vishwas Kulkarni, Mr. Amit Kumar, Dr. Chinmoyee Nandi (3 added), Mr. Jayanta & Mrs, Mayuri Ray, Rotary Club of India (2), Sarada Ramakrishna Ashram, Mr. Tamal & Mrs. Krishnakali Sen, Mr. Sourabh Sinha & Mrs. Mom Roy (2), Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Krishna Srivastava, Mr. Kanwar Suri, Ms. Parbatee Deorajsingh (4), Mr. Anil & Mrs. Mini Kumar (2 added)

Medical Transport for the Needy Debuts

The residents of Dhulai and nearby villages would never feel helpless when their loved ones needed urgent medical care in a hospital. The DMS Institute now has an ambulance garaged in the premises ready to drive-off on call - thanks to the liberal gift of Dr. Mila Pal of London. [We fondly remember Dr. (Mrs.) Pal and Mr. Pal's earlier full sponsorship of the Lily Foundation RN Pal computer center at Hotar, which is still continuing to provide quality instructions to the locals.]

The ambulance project was formally inaugurated by Mrs. Sandhyamalati Chatterjee, President of Lily Foundation, India. The promise of immense help brought to the villagers through availability of this medical transport was voiced by local dignitaries such as Headmistress Ms. Krishna Bandyopadhyay speaking at the function.

Tribals Get Free Healthcheck

"In a unique philanthropic gesture the Ghatsila wing of the US-based organization of Lily Foundation and Ramakrishna Mission extended its health care programme to the poor women and children of primitive tribal colony in Tumangkocha under Mosaboni block. .....", reports Hindustan Times November 16, 2010. The folks living on the other bank of Subarnarekha inside the hills rarely get a chance to see any doctor or medical help. Naturally, smiling women and men greeted the team enthusiastically as demonstrated by the scores of women waiting in long-line to get examined.

Touching lives of the needy is Lily's passion.

MOYEE Commitment Strong

Moyee Foundation of Houston is active in funding part of the nutrition program for the poor kids in the AALO Study Homes. Over the past year, the young volunteers of the organization remain commited to promoting healthy environment for the poor kids' families. Proposals of providing home water filtration equipment are in consideration.

[File photo from archive attached here, school uniforms were introduced later]

New Project Sponsors

Lily Foundation appreciates the gift of education that our numerous sponsors and donors extend through their generous support. We name a few below:

Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal for benches of AALO Schools (jointly) and renovation of Behala AALO School, Ms. Sandhyamalati Chatterjee for text-books of AALO Homes, Rotary Club of Chowringhee for benches of AALO Schools (jointly), Ms. Chandramallika Das for general donation, M/S Crystal Roadways for benches of AALO Schools, Mr. Amal Samanta for general donation, Ms. Chaitali Purkayastha for toilet at the vocational center, Mr. Joseph Shrestha for general donation, Ms. Keya Mukherjee for vocational center, Ms. Indrani Roy for harmonium, M/S Sharada Welding Pvt. Ltd for Hijaldiha High School Coaching Home, Dr. Manas Joarder for general donation, Mr. Koushik and Mrs. Mithu Dutta for Dhulai High School Coaching Home, Ms. Madhavi Kejriwal for general donation of books and uniforms, Ms. Bani Nandi for A8 Read Well 20, Ms. Shreya Lahiri and group for AALO Study Home, Ms. Surmita Chatterjee for AALO Study Home, Ms. Mita Chatterjee for AALO Study Home, Mr. Banaj Kamal Basu for Computer Center, Mr. Nilendu Sekhar Bagchi for Computer Center, Dr. Mila & Mr. Gopal Chandra Pal for Computer Center, Ms. Sarah Campbell for general donation, Coppell Montessori Academy for Study Home, US Charitable Gift Trust for general donation, Seattle Foundation for Dhulai Home improvement, Mr. Rajiv Roy for Study Home

Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal awarded Friend-of-Lily by Prof. Dilip Basu Blind SMILE Scholar Somen Dutta fiddles at the 2010 Annual Ed Conference Lily Foundation America President Dr. Amal Mukherjee speaks at the 2010 Annual Ed Conference
Lily volunteers appear lost in sorting used garments collected for distribution. Techno-India, Bandel made the collection

Student volunteers from Dallas Rishi Roy (in picture) and Rishi Bandyopadhyay spoke about their experience in India Lily centers at Annual Dinner 2010

Hijaldiha students and visitors listen to Kuntala Bagchi Smriti Chinha Computer Center inauguration speeches
Fun Cricket was held 10th April. Thanks to all who helped raise funds Ghatsila Lily Foundation arranged a huge Health Fair on 23rd January. Several thousand people got medical check-up. Mobile pathological clinics and X-ray and other diagnostics lab were stationed at site. Appreciation Dinner 2010 was held at FUNASIA. Besides the general meeting several awards were handed


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