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A Decade of Service to Humanity!

Welcome! 25th Aug is the date we complete 10 years of our existence. We had an excellent past with impressive successes – 4 Computer Centers, 1 Vocational Center, hundreds of SMILE scholarships for High School and college students, 7 AALO Study Homes for young kids, 4 AALO High School Coaching Homes for Gr. IX & X students, 8 AALO Primary Coaching Homes for Gr. III & IV students preventing school drop-out, 2 Book-banks for High School students and a host of beneficiary events, such as feeding the homeless, free medical camps and education conferences. Thousands of poor students could see the glimpse of hope in their lives through the gift education. Hundreds of poor and village-adults got free medical help.

With your cooperation and good wishes we are determined to do better in the next decade.

Kulbani Computer Center Opens

Our 4th computer center – Vidyasagar Centre for computer learning - opens in Kulbani High School, located in Paschim Medinipur. At the inauguration ceremony on December 8th, the sponsors Mr. Banaj Kamal and Mrs. Anjana Basu of Califormia made themselves present at a small cultural function at the school premises. Mrs. Sandhyamalati Chatterjee, President of The Lily Foundation, and the sponsors participated in unveiling the marble tablet and garlanding the portraits of Vidyasagar and Swami Vivekananda in presence of the School Committee members.

The centre will provide basic computer applications training to 200 students every year.

Webel Recognizes Hotar Computer Center Education

Webel, a West Bengal Govt. enterprise for computer education and training, recognizes the Hotar Lily Foundation R. N. Pal Institute’s computer education as a standard system that produces qualified graduates in the field. The signature of a Webel representative on the diploma establishes the credibility. The students and teachers are overjoyed at this accreditation. Our sincere thanks go to Webel, in particular Mr. Tamal Sen, Deputy General Manager of Webel, the staff of the institute and Lily India office for achieving the milestone.

We feel proud of our sponsors Dr.Mila and Mr. Gopal Pal of London for their very worthwhile gift.

Annual Education Conference 2009 Shows Enthusiam & Vigor

Our 6th Annual Education Conference held in December in Kolkata drew more attendees and visitors than ever. Besides students, teachers, office staff and field staff, there were renowned personalities  from areas such as, education, social work, literary and TV. Dr. Manas Joarder delivered the Key Note Address; Ms. Bratati Bandyopadhyay was the guest speaker. Mr. Mamoon Akhtar of Samaritan Help Mission was conferred Friend-of-Lily recognition. Mr. Tamal Sen, Mrs.  Krishnakali Sen, Ms. Ila Mazumder and Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal were among the honored guests.

Dhulai Education Center Gets Makeover

Lily Foundation Dhulai DMS Institute has undergone an useful makeover to make the premises more adaptable for holding training of small groups. The area got walled and fenced with a treed backyard and paved frontyard. Small training classes to the village folks, such as basket weaving or holding small functions with students and parents can now be held within the premises. Dhulai Center has Computer training, High School Coaching Home and book-bank facilities inside. The Dishari book-bank lends over 1500 text books free to poor school boys and girls.

Health Fairs Benefit Poor & Village Patients

The Lily Foundation Health Fair in Ghatsila, Jharkhand provided free medical checkup and medicines to 850 villagers. Held in J. C. High School this event was pioneered by 12 specialists, who travelled from other cities to join the local physicians in free delivery of their services.

A similar medical camp was held in Behala where some 200 patients got free eye check up, glasses and other medical checkups including free medicines.

MOYEE Extends Helping Hand

Moyee Foundation of Houston came forward to sponsor part of the nutrition program for the poor kids in the AALO Study Homes. Saswata Roy and Priyanka Chakraborty travelled to Kolkata to discuss launching of ambitious new health programs jointly with Lily Foundation.  Our encouragement and thanks remain for these young enthusiasts.

5th Computer Center to Locate in Hijaldiha

Hijaldiha is a nice small habitat for modest-living villagers, located near the tristate borders of Bankura, Hoogly and Paschim Medinipur. Our next Computer Center is being established inside a school building owned by Vivekananda Seva Samity. Students from three nearby High Schools will finally get an opportunity to arm themselves appropriately to enter into colleges for professional education or the competitive area of job-search.

One hundred and twenty students will graduate every year in basic and advanced office computer applications.

Mr. Nilendu S. Bagchi of San Dimas, California is the center-sponsor. Lily Foundation apprecites his generosity.

New Project Sponsors

Lily Foundation appreciates the gift of education that the sponsors are extending through their generous support. New Computer Center sponsor is: Mr. Nilendu Bagchi. New SMILE scholarship sponsors are: Ms. Sadhana Aggarwal, Kolkata (2 Professionl Education), Ms. Bratati Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata (2), Dr. Chinmoyee Nandi, Kolkata, Ms. Sipra Banerjee, Kolkata, Mr. Soumya Sanyal, Seatle, Ms. Jody & Mr. Curtis Chang, San Jose, Mr. Rajiv & Ms. Sonali Roy, Dallas, New AALO Study Home sponsors are: Mr. Subir & Ms. Chaitali Purkayastha, Plano and Mr. Rajat Nag, Philipines.

Ankan Protijogita at Behala Study Home kids are ready to take Ankan Protijogita challenge The VI th Annual Education Conference in Kolkata draws

interest from different segments

Dr Manas Joarder with Mr. Mamoon Akhtaar
At Ghatsila Health Fair 2010

Lily Volunteers Busy at Filling Prescriptions in Behala

Kulbani School students watching inauguration show


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